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Summerlin Pre-School Emphasizes the Importance of Reading for Children Under 5

Our aim at Angels Christian Academy in Summerlin, NV is to provide quality education for children in the Summerlin area. We understand the importance of reading for children under 5 and how it affects their development as a child. Here are some important reasons why:

1) Reading sets children up for success
The more a child encounters reading, the more the knowledge they acquire. This knowledge is important in many aspects of life. Studies support this statement by showing that reading gives children some sort of preparation for school later. At Angels Christian Academy Pre-school in Summerlin, NV we show children in pre-school how to read so they will have a leg up when they reach Kindergarten. We encourage reading because we know that it sets them up for success in literacy, language, and other subjects as well.

2) Reading exercises a child’s brain
Whenever a child is read to, they get the boost that they require to promote and support their early reading skills. Some areas in their brain get triggered positively putting them at a better position to develop their language early.

3) Reading boosts a child’s concentration
Reading to a child might seem useless at first because all they want to do is throw around books and swap them constantly. It may come as a surprise that amidst all that playfulness, a child gradually learns to sit still for long periods and concentrate. This is not just useful for Pre-School, but the later stages of schooling.

4) The thirst for knowledge
Preschool, we know very well that whenever young ones read, they begin getting interested in the information within a book. This gives us a chance to explain to them whatever is happening and add to their learning experience.
It might also cultivate an interest in cultures and languages. There is nothing more satisfying to us than seeing a child who loves learning.

5) It develops their creativity and imagination
After a number of years nurturing young minds at our Preschool in Summerlin, NV, we observed that watching their growing imagination is one of the greatest benefits of reading. When children really engage in a book, they begin imagining what the characters are doing.
They start seeing the book’s setting as a reality. Seeing the excitement in a child’s eyes when they have a clue of what’s on the next page, is something that we just can’t get enough of.

6) Books help children develop empathy
A child develops empathy when they can put themselves into the story. They get to feel what the characters are feeling and in essence, identify with them. This teaches children to relate and understand emotions.
With these many benefits, you as the parent will can surely understand that this is a crucial stage that will help set the right platform for their success later in life.