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Standards That Every Pre-school in Summerlin, NV Should Meet

The 21st-century parent is overwhelmed by the need to balance between work and family life. Especially if they have young children, ages 2 to 5. Children between these ages require special attention as it is critical in their development. Pre-schools, therefore, play an important role in their lives. They ensure the child does not miss out, open up their minds, unlocks their creativity and acts as the foundation to their future in education right here in Summerlin, NV. (Parents still get to do their job though)

According to research done by Suzanne Bouffard, Pre-k environment teaches children to share, think critically and develop a learning culture as they play with building blocks and interact with others. As such, it is essential to pick the right Pre-school. Here at Angel’s Christian Academy, in Summerlin, NV we make that an easy choice for parents. Here are a few things to consider.

Parents have to secure a quality pre-school. Whether the school of choice is public or private, the facilities and how teachers interact with your children are some of the things that weigh in on overall quality pre-school education. You do not want your child to be traumatized by negative comments and scolding. Such behavior can affect the child’s confidence as they grow up. At Angels Christian Academy in Summerlin, NV we empower our pre-k children in a private school setting.

Our teachers have to be well trained to deal with the kids, how to be patient with them and encourage them. Should the child need to be punished, the staff has to apply the acceptable punishments depending on the situation and always consider what the parents of the child would expect. In fact, they should collaborate with the parents to help mold the child in way that is beneficial for the children.

The facilities at pre-k also have to be considered. The child needs to learn, play and rest. Children with special needs have to be considered as well. A quality school should check all these boxes. It should incorporate fun activities like building blocks and singing amongst other character development activities. Angels Christian Academy has created such kind of environment dedicated towards your child’s growth. Doing thorough research will help you find the best pre-k suited to your and your child’s needs.

How does the pre-school nature the child?

In terms of religion, children need to be guided in the right direction from an early age. The Pre-school should be able to instill good morals that will help the child achieve spiritual and emotional growth. At Angels Christian Academy, we are dedicated to walk with your child towards becoming whole even spiritually and believe strongly in good moral values. Giving your child an early start spiritually will eventually help them when they attend elementary school and as they go to college. We strongly believe it is important to instill good values at an early age.